CoE: Telemedicine and Robotics
Research focus:

The center aims at designing and developing products targeting at access to health services to population living in resource constrained environment. The potential of cloud computing and Internet of Things will be integrated in developing low-cost telemedicine systems and solutions for large scale deployment with minimal cost. In the area of medical robotics, we will develop an array of surgical, diagnostic, tele-presence, exoskeleton robots and simulating platforms to make the healthcare safe, accessible, affordable, high-performance and inclusive to the patients.

Possible outcomes:
Post-doc openings:
Design and Development of Autonomous Stairs/Escalator Climbing & Self-navigating Smart Wheelchair
Associated Faculty:


Parent Department

Dr. Saroj Kant Mishra

Formerly Professor and Head of Endocrine Surgery, SGPGI Lucknow

Dr. Soumya Ranjan Sahoo 

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Bishakh Bhattacharya

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Ankush Sharma

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Ashutosh Modi

Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. D K Giri 

Aerospace Engineering

Dr. Devpriya Kumar 

Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. J Ramkumar 

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Manjesh K Singh 

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Manas Khan 


Dr. Priyanka Bagade 

Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Suvendu Samanta 

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Twinkle Tripathy 

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Satyaki Roy 


Dr. Urbi Chatterjee

Computer Science and Engineering