CoE: Non-invasive Imaging and Diagnostics
Research focus:

The Centre of Excellence for Non-invasive Imaging and Diagnostics is a vibrant engineering-medical ecosystem where faculty and students collaborate with the medical fraternity to undertake interdisciplinary research in MedTech. The centre focuses on development of improved imaging technologies, novel measurement configurations, data interpretation algorithms for improved diagnostics, and specialized instrumentation.

Possible outcomes:

MedTech tools, including microscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound, MRI, and X-ray, are critical for correct diagnosis and follow-up treatment. While these tools are serving to the best of their capabilities, they have limitations in terms of resolution, volume imaging, and ease-of-use for the healthcare provider and the patient. The centre aims to address these problems by providing engineering solutions to overcome the limitations of the existing tools and innovating novel tools with better performance metrics.

Associated Faculty: